Museum of Ice Cream

With everything going on in the world lately, it's so easy to sit at home and get stuck in the loop of bad news. Sometimes you need an escape - a comforting reverie if you will. The Museum of Ice Cream opened in San Francisco in September and I had the chance to check it out this past weekend.


Started by 25 year old (!) Maryellis Bunn in New York City, the Museum of Ice Cream (or MOIC for the hashtag savvy), is the quintessential to-do for Instagram elite. Each room is your childhood fantasy come to life - giant gummy bears that you can hug, ruby red cherries that seemingly float next to cotton candy clouds, and a swimming pool filled with sprinkles. I repeat. A swimming pool filled with sprinkles.


All the exhibits are tailored for that perfect Instagram shot, so be sure to come looking photo ready. And don’t worry this is a total immersion of the ice cream experience - there are stations that serve samples from local vendors like Bi-Rite and My/Mo Mochi. Shoutout to that delicious, but elusive unicorn milk ice cream sample!