Hobin & Tommy

September 3, 2016 | Haymarket, Virginia

Two pieces of advice for brides-to-be:

1. Hire a planner or day-of coordinator

Especially if you think you don't need one (as I did). This is coming from someone who is very type-A and also works from home. I had a lot of time to spend planning my wedding, but even with my background, hiring a wedding planner was the best decision I made.

2. Count on Edris of Crafted Reverie to make your dream wedding come true

I can say for a fact that my wedding day would have been a disaster without Edris. She has a very particular attention to detail due to her background in design and planning. Overall, she has a very good eye for making your ideas into reality.

Leading up to the big day, I was surprised at how heavily I relied on Edris for both the small and big details that made my wedding day so special and memorable. On multiple occasions, I would email her a hodgepodge of ideas, not really knowing where I was going with it or how it would it come together. Edris would respond back with elaborate plans that she would sketch out herself, incorporating and weaving together what I sent her. My bridesmaids, who are typically your first line of defense, and I were so impressed! 

Edris' efforts shined even more on the wedding day, which I didn't think was possible. She was very prepared and in control, and perfectly executed everything we had discussed. As is always the case with any event, things are bound to go wrong, but Edris had the forethought to prevent mishaps, and dealt with them so seamlessly that I had no idea there was even an issue. I received so many compliments from guests on things that Edris had a big hand in bringing to life. Edris is professional in a warm-hearted way, and is so easy to work with.

She is located in New York, while I was in Maryland, but she was always so responsive. We could've been across the world from each other and communication would not have been an issue. Hiring Edris was the best wedding investment and I can't thank or recommend her enough!